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The Need to Write!

I need to write something! Like seriously need to write something!!! I'm just so brain-fried with school that I can't think of anything to write!!! *Criiiiiiiiiiiiiiies!* Maybe I'll try to whip up a quick story over Easter Break or something...we'll see what happens. 

...yeah, that's seriously all this post is gonna say, that I'm aware of the fact I need to write something and hope that I will be able to do so in the near future. xD 



Every Day is Father's Day

Every Day is Father’s Day
Genre: Family
Verse: Post-TV
Pre-"Smoke Get's In Your Eyes"
Summary: Face and Murdock are floored by an essay they found crammed in the bottom of their son's backpack.
Rating: G

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Matches of Silver

Matches of Silver
By: Corky
Inspired and based off “Can't Stay Away” by Purrslink


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Life Without You

Back to Your Heart: Murdock’s Story

Title: Life Without You Mini-Series
Genre: Love, hurt/comfort
Pairing: Face/Murdock
Verse: TV
Rating: PG
Summary: A trilogy of short stories revolving around the same storyline. Face and Murdock struggle to get on with their lives after a nasty breakup. Can time really heal all wounds? Or has too much past and too many hurts caused enough to keep them apart?

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Sugar Rush

Title: Sugar Rush

Author: Corky

Pairing: Face/Murdock

Verse: TV

Prompt: How does Face deal with a Sugar-rushing Murdock?

Challenged by Purrslink to write some fluff since I'm such an angst-monger. What can I say? I like my angst. It's a nice stress reliever. Of course, when you write yourself into a brick wall with that angst...it kinda hurts and you're left sitting at your laptop....three in the morning....staring at a half written chapter going, "WTF!?!?" and wondering why your fingers just sorta stopped typing. So...fluff is apparently necessary *nodnod* Anyways...enjoy it!

Warning: Suggestiveness...slash pairing....that is all.


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So, I was inspired by my good friend Limpet to write a story that is exactly 1000 words. It was kinda fun really. And not nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be. So...here it is. My story of exactly 1000 words. Also, this story is kind of written for my other bestie, Para who loves Vietnam era stories. ^__^ Enjoy loves!

Title: Most Painful of all, Love
Verse: TV
Pairing: Face/Murdock
POV: Face
Summary: Face thinks back on their time spent as POWs and how Murdock would do anything he could to keep Face safe. Now, years later, it's his turn to return the favor.
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